Constituting Reality: Does The Medium Make The Memory?

April 4, 2010

Who,What,Where,When,Why and How, 2009.(Rod Dickinson in collaboration with Steve Rushton.)

On Sunday the 21st of March, The Open Office For Words took place at Kunsthuis SYB, Friesland.

The speakers were:

Laura Basu (A Doctoral Candidate working in the project The Dynamics of Cultural Remembrance: An Intermedial Perspective).  Basu spoke about memory and media in relation to the concept of memory dispositif, referring both to Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze. As her case study Basu used the historical figure of the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly to investigate how cultural memory is formed through constellations of various representations across various media. She identified the three categories of medial, temporal and political as crucial elements in the process of cultural memory (and thus also identity) formation.

Steve Rushton (Writer and Editor). In his talk They Came To See Who Came, Rushton talks about media events in relation to Who What Where When & How , his collaborative work together with Rod Dickinson. Describing contemporary media as a feedback loop, Rushton shared examples of various media events, illustrating the process of how these fold back onto themselves creating narratives of reality. “Simply through their performance, certain media events can have an effect in the world” Rushton spoke, demonstrating further how media masters reality.


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