Upcoming: March 2011

February 1, 2011

When the Landscape Begins to Map the Cartographer (4.3.2011)

The article When the Landscape Begins to Map the Cartographer will be published on the 4th of March by P.A.I.R, (a mobile, artists initiative by PeerGrouP, the northern Holland based theatre company specializing in site-specific theatre.)

Since 2009, P.A.I.R has offered temporary residence for international artists. Selected artists make a given theme their starting point, relating to their surroundings and neighbours, making use of their knowledge, art and tools.

In 2010 the theme was chorography and I was invited by Henry J. Alles from P.A.I.R to write about this subject in relation to the specific residency of Louie+Jesse, an English artist duo.

The resulting text: When The Landscape Begins to Map The Cartographer will be published in the publication P.A.I.R. 2010 Chorografie and on this website after the 4th of March.




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