The Open Office For Words presents:

May 15, 2010

“Thinking About Performativity”

In May, The Open Office For Words returns to its original format of a reading room and a collective library, serving fresh coffee, tea and cakes.

The theme for May: Performativity in the arts and related fields.

The theme for May is performativity and texts considering relations between performance, identity and performativity in the fields of arts, philosophy, media and gender studies are welcomed. Thinking About Performativity begins a series of sessions relating to aspects of performativity as they present themselves in the work of the participants. You are cordially invited to search through your resources and to see whether you perhaps might have something to contribute to the above themes. Books, journals, research papers and images related, whether from the field of arts or science are all welcome, as are art-works, documentaries and interviews in a dvd-format.

(It is preferable to notify The Open Office for Words in advance of your participation.)

Date & Time:        Sunday 16th May, 2010 | 13:00 – 15:00

Location:               ADA | Bree 93 B, 3074 BD, Rotterdam


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