June’s Reader

September 1, 2009


The Nature of Landscape; A Personal Quest, Han Lorzing, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2001.

-Landschap en Herinnering, Simon Schama, 2007. ISBN: 9789046700679

Intangible and Tangible Landscapes: an athropological perspective based on two South African case studies.Author; Liana Müller. (http://www.up.ac.za/dspace/bitstream/2263/9628/1/Muller_Intangible(2008).pdf)

Giflandschap;Vervuilde Locaties en Landschappen in Nederland, Wout Berger, Fragment, 1992. ISBN: 9789065790743


Humanature, Peter Goin, University of Texas Press, 1996.

Innocent Landscapes, David Farrell, Gallery of Photography, Dublin, 2001.

Tatorte; Bilder Gegen Das Vergessen, Joel Sternfeld, Schirmer, Mosel, ISBN: 3-88814-668-2

Utö, Het Laatse Jaar Van Een Eiland, Marcel Borsten, 2003.


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