ADA, Area for Debate and Art

December 5, 2008

ADA is an area for debate and art.

It is a self-organized, independent artists initiative formed in September 2008 to support, nurture, stimulate and to create space for critical reflection and debate in and about art, in an open, cross-disciplinary minded and a friendly environment.
At the core of ADA are the art practices of seven Rotterdam based artists (Maja Bekan, Deirdre M. Donoghue, Loes Hoeijmakers, Gerwin Luijendijk, Margo Onnes, Esmé Valk and Sjoerd Westbroek) who also run ADA’s public program.  

ADA is as much a mental state as it is a physical location. It can be thought of as a multifaceted, porous sphere, consisting of people, thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experience/s, which flow in and out from the Area. A common philosophy of the members of ADA is the simple belief in the value of specifically framed human encounters as artistically meaningful and valuable sites, where new knowledge can be activated and allowed into being.

This belief is also reflected in ADA’s public program, which currently comprises of film screenings (Cinema Sunset), a cross-disciplinary thematic reference library (The Open Office for Words), one-to-one, on-site, studio-based performances (P for Performance (Everyday Exercising)) and semi-public thematic discussions (Conversations in a Cabin).

ADA – Area for Art and Debate is located at Houtlaan 21, at the old scheepsvaartkwartier of Rotterdam.


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